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Kids from Around the World

One of our new projects this summer is providing books to elementary students during their break. We know that success in reading is essential to success later in life! So we endeavored to provide at risk kids with great books for them to take home and keep.

The first sequence in this summer program was to give all 83 ELL (English Language Learner) students from Frances Willard Elementary, in Rock Island, a 5-book pack complete with a summer reading tracker and activity sheets. We were amazed as we packed these books!

As we placed name stickers on each bag we noticed so many names that were hard to pronounce. We realized that these kids had come to our community from all over the world! What a joy to see these children from so many different places and amazing stories of how they have come to be here (and some probably difficult stories)!

But their smiles did not need translation…….they were overjoyed that someone had packed a bag of books for them!! Thank you for all that supported this project.

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