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Our Projects

Vulnerable Children Projects in Zambia Africa
In the wake of the HIV crisis in Zambia, hundreds of thousands of children were left without one or both parents creating a devastating environment of instability and poverty.  We started our program of support in one rural village in the southern province of Zambia called Jalila.  As of 2016, we are working in another village called Habayalila.  Due to  extreme poverty and a high orphan rate, most of the kids in these areas would be unlikely to attend school regularly.  Through our project we are currently providing support for 110+ students with school tuition, uniforms, school supplies, food support, and medical attention which is coordinated through local churches in the villages.

Water Wells in Zambia, Africa

We quickly learned that good health, education, and success go together.  We also learned that many communities where our sponsored children live did not have access to clean water.  In 2015, we drilled our first well in the village of Jalila.  In 2016, we followed with two more wells in communities without clean water.  As of 2020, we have drilled or finished drilling around 10 water wells that serve hundreds of people every day.  In 2022, more villages are being considered for water wells.  Additional funding is also needed.  


Reading Camps and Literacy in our Local Community

During school breaks we provide books and volunteers so that kids are spend time reading.  We have also given away 1000's of books each year during reading camps, and at local school registration days.  We also work with some summer camps to provide books and programs.  

Local School Partnership Projects
For the past several years, we have helped students in local schools with books and needed supplies.  Some years we have given book bags to ELL students.  Other years, we have given summer book bags to all third graders in two local schools.    

Mission Trips

Since our beginning, The Love-Hope Project has been taking people to Zambia, Africa to learn about mission in a different culture and also visit our students and witness our projects.   We typically visit schools, churches, colleges and minister in various contexts.  

The Love Hope Project, Love Hope
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