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ANNOUNCING - Summer Book Bag Project!!

Two facts have led to this new program idea for 2015. First, it is a fact that reading skills can easily fade during the summer break. Second, one of the leading predictors of reading success is the quantity of accessible reading materials a child has in the home. In conjunction with Frances Willard and Rock Island Academy Elementary Schools in Rock Island, we plan to help kids keep reading this summer!

Students with reading challenges from these two elementary schools in Rock Island will be selected to receive a bag of new books before they leave school for the summer. We are purchasing books from the Scholastic Summer Book Program at reduced prices and also get additional materials. In the middle of the summer, these students will return to the school for a Summer Book Party and receive more donated books. Goal....keep them reading and loving it! Goal....80+ students involved.

How You Can Help

Churches, Organizations or Individuals can help in the following ways:

  • Organize a new/ used book donation drive. We will need hundreds of children’s books, some to be given at end of school but most given away at the mid-summer book party. K-6 grade books will be needed. Please donate only books (new or used) in good shape, clean and unmarked. Books can be collected from April – June.

  • Help us financially. We anticipate the first five books we give to each student, (as funds allow) to be new books with additional items from Scholastic. We anticipate that books, bags, book party items, and promotion to cost around $25 per student for the summer. Estimated costs for 80-120 students will be $2000-$3000.

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