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Our 2014 Recap

Dear Friends,

We are excited about the future of The Love-Hope Project. From simple beginnings, we started with just the desire to spread love and build hope among people living in vulnerable curcumstances. We dreamed of building a network of leaders and churches that impacted communities with practical demonstartions of love and serve both locally and globally.

We started by supporting orphan and bulnerable children in a little billage in Zambia, Africa. We now help over 40 children with school tuition, school uniforms, school supplies, food and medical care. In August of 2014 we were able to provide funds for a well to provide clean water for the entire village that had been previously drinking from a dirty pond!

Locally, we started mentoring refugee youth and holding youth gatherings so that they could meet new friends and begin acclimating to a new culture. We now sponsor summer reading programs for students in at-risk neighborhoods. We also work with local elementary schools by supporting over 450 students with school supplies and snacks during their state testing time!

We accomplished a lot in 2014, but now we are looking forward to 2015 even more!

  • There is another village in Zambia, Africa with 25+ children that need support in order to attend school. We want to come alongside these children and enable them to go to school.

  • We want to expand our local school outreach and provide two more local schools with supplies and snacks during the state testing time. We hope to reach 300+ additional students.

  • We want to being a summer book bag program for 80+ kinds in challenging neighborhoods. Each child would receive a free book bag, books and educational support during the summer of 2015.

In order to achieve these goals for 2015, we anticipate a needed increase of at least $38,600 in our budget. We know that is a lot of money! However, with wider support, we believe we can share more love in this world, thus producing hope. Together we can do this! Will you consider partnering with us for a great and exciting new year of ministry?

Dwayne Brothers

The Love-Hope Project

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